Hippeastrum Bulbs


Mixed Bag of 30 - plus free (PDF) eBook

Mixed Bag of 30 - plus free (PDF) eBook Image

Mixed Bag of 30 - plus free (PDF) eBook

Start your Hippeastrum collection today with these little beauties.
They are a mix from my collection.
This will give you the start you need to become an avid collector or indulge your existing condition!

The larger ones can be can be planted into prepared beds now in full sun, the other smaller ones
will do best if you plant them into pots, until they grow a bit larger.
Water in well then, as leaves emerge fertilise with a liquid seaweed and or molasses.

Colour scheme - Pastels to Red.
Please note: Bulbs are not tagged individually, they are simply a mix of colour and sizes.
Sizes are determined by the age of the bulb. A 1 year old bulb is smaller than a 3 year old bulb.

This year only.
Bag of 30 for $45.00

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