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Papilio seedling 12 months old. These bulbs are directly from my seed that I have pollenated by hand in a secure enclosure.
While it is said that seed never produces "true to type" offspring, I have noticed that, as this is the only bulb in flower at this particular time of the year, (June-July), therefore the problem of cross pollination does not occur in my garden.
I am selling these with a 99.9% assurity that it will be Papilio.
The bulbs are in tube stock pots and will need to be potted into larger pots when you receive it.
Please use a good quality potting mix to transplant the young bulb.

The bulb is listed as an evergreen in as much as it doesn't have a full dormancy period as other Hippeastrum do. Usually the first to bloom, in our area, around August, it has 2 blooms per scape but bulbs that are 6 years and older can have 3 blooms.
The face of the bloom is never fully open unlike other hippeastrums.
This, to me, gives a feeling of shyness but at the same time a confident elegance.
After flowering she may loose a few leaves, but this is normal as new ones are quickly replaced.
The Butterfly Hippeastrum must only be planted in an easterly position.
It can not tolerate afternoon heat in summer.
If the leaves are touched by the afternoon sun they suffer a 'sun burn' effect which is very hard for the plant to recover from.
It has also been said that she is an inconsistant flowerer, but I have not found this to be the case in my garden.
If the bulb receives too much water the leaves will turn yellow and drop off.
Best to feed with a liquid fertiliser and allowed to dry out between waterings.

Bulbs cannot be posted to Western Australia, Tasmania or Overseas (outside Australia).

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