Hippeastrum Bulbs


Hymenocallis x festalis

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Again choose a common name that you like, 'Sacred Lily of the Incas', 'Ismene', 'Spider Lily', 'Peruvian Daffodil' or 'Sea Daffodil' and let the fine fragrant white flowers of the Hymenocallis add an exotic elegance to your garden.
This hybrid can tollerate frost as it has a dormancy period from May to September. They can adapt to all climates of Australia as long as water is available during Summer. If kept in a pot, it is best to place a saucer benneth the pot that is topped up regularly during the hotter months. As the seasons turn and autumn approaches cut back on the water.
Grow in full sun or part shade in beds that are enriched with organic matter and drain well.
Plant the bulbs deep enough to be covered by the earth. This feels wrong I know, but they are not Hippeastrums and need to be covered completely.
Water in well and keep moist, but not too wet until foliage appears, then fertilise and water regularly.
Flowers in summer and if left in the ground will form large clumps as the years go by. It is a good 'plant and forget bulb', and probably prefers it that way too, as lifting too often can inhibit flowering. They must be protected from snails and slugs too.
Please note that bulb size will vary, as I lift them only on ordering.

Bulbs cannot be posted to Western Australia, Tasmania or Overseas (outside Australia).

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